SSGC AA Medical & Healthcare Chapter Inaugural Meeting

SSGC AA Medical & Healthcare Chapter Inaugural Meeting - September 4th, Friday 6:30pm

The SSGC AA Medical & Healthcare Chapter is honoured to have Dr Lilian Leong, BBS, JP, to address us. She will be speaking on ‘Women in Medicine’, and will be sharing her knowledge of the beginning and evolvement of women in medicine and healthcare, her current assessment and her visions for the future!

Dr Leong is a dear member of the SSGC AA and has played key roles in many past SSGC AA events and fundraising. She has been described as ‘a petite whirlwind of energy’, her charisma and energy has impacted countless.

As the Founding President of the Hong Kong College of Radiologists, Dr Leong held a pivotal role in establishing and running a world-class specialist training system for the medical specialty of Radiology in Hong Kong, and has helped established Hong Kong Radiology in the Regional and International arena. Dr. Leong’s contributions extend beyond radiology and into other areas including medical physics, radiation protection and public health policies.



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