Siu Wai Ling Scholarship

On the occasion of Miss Siu Wai Ling's 90th birthday in the year 2002, students and friends of Miss Siu Wai Ling set up the Scholarship in recognition of her outstanding contribution as a teacher of Physical Education at St. Stephen’s Girls’ College from 1955 to 1976. Miss Siu pioneered in promoting sports as a subject and well-recognized activity in Hong Kong schools and most importantly, she had advocated and fostered the spirit of sportsmanship amongst students. Under her mentorship, St. Stephen’s has nurtured many outstanding sportswomen in the field of sports, especially physical education, in Hong Kong.


Miss Siu presented the very first Award on Speech Day in 2003.  Since 2003, the Scholarship has made awards to 15 recipients.


After she passed away in December 2005, a group of her students published a book, Whistle of Love, to pay tribute to her and to raise more funds for the Scholarship.


The existing terms and conditions of the Scholarship are: 


Objective – The Siu Wai Ling Scholarship Committee recognizes and encourages achievements of SSGC graduates in sports-related endeavours by awarding the Scholarship for the purpose of pursing post-secondary studies in a sports-related discipline.


The Award – The Scholarship may be awarded to one or more Recipients (successful candidates) each year. The Award amount for a university degree program is currently set at HKD12,000 per year to be disbursed annually over the number of years normally required to complete the program. Awards for other than degree programs will be decided on a case-by-case basis.


Selection Committee – Members are nominated within the Siu Wai Ling Scholarship Committee.


Award Criteria –

  • High standards of performance in sports activities;

  • Leadership and sportsmanship;

  • Relevance of intended course of study being beneficial to promoting sports-related activities in HK; and

  • Other personal qualities or potentials.

  • Eligibility of Candidates –

  • SSGC Form 6 graduates;

  • HK Identity Card holders (persons with the right of abode or the right to land in HK or are permitted to stay in HK without restrictions); and

  • The candidate must have been accepted and will enroll in a full-time program in a post-secondary education institution which is approved by the Selection Committee.

Application Procedures –

  • Interested students should write to the Scholarship’s Selection Committee by email.

  • A soft copy of the Application Form is available on the SSGC Alumnae Association’s website or it can be emailed to the applicant.

  • The deadline for applications each year is 31st August.

  • Potential candidates will be invited to attend interviews with at least two members of the Selection Committee.

  • Results will be announced each year on or before 31st October.

  • A certificate will be presented to the Recipient on Speech Day.

The Siu Wai Ling Scholarship Committee