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St. Stephen’s Girls’ College has a strong alumnae community and its establishment has contributed vastly to the development of the current students of our school. The Mentorship Programme was first founded in 2006 with an objective to foster the bonding and communications of the Alumnae (the "'mentors") and the current Form 5 students (the "mentees"). It benefits the Form 5 students who will soon be graduating and often find themselves at a juncture where they look for the most needed support and advice when selecting the career options presented to them.


Although the Mentorship Programme is designed to be a one year program for the Form 5 students, it is nonetheless a start of a true longterm friendship among mentors and mentees.

The Mentorship Programme Committee, together with the Students Association coordinate activities throughout the year to promote and encourage ongoing communications among mentors and mentees.


Past activities organized by the Committee include community service, DIY workshops, cooking competition, corporate visits, dinner gathering etc.  Through participation in these activities, mentors and mentees meet on a regular basis, where bonding and friendships are formed and when valuable exchange of life experiences took place. 


The theme of "Life Coach" has been adopted over the past years which aptly depict our goal and mission for the Mentorship Programme. We truly hope that we are able to accomplish the mission of walking hand in hand with each other within the SSGC family.

If you would like to join us to become a mentor and provide some guidance to your "si mui", please contact our mentorship programme sub-committee.


Mentorship : 

Ng Wai San, Loretta (60) - Chairperson
Leung Tsui San, Sandra (92)
Yu Wing Yee, Monique (86)
Wong Ka Man Carmen (86)
Siu Wing Mun, Sara (89)
Vivian Lui (92)
Kwok Michelle Ka Yee (95)
So Fiona Julie Mee Kwan (98)
Hui Lam, Janice (98)
Tsui Yeuk Ting, Maggie (99)

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