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AA Legal Chapter aims to gather and connect SSGC alumnae who are in the legal field.  Legal Chapter strives to create a social circle to cultivate legal professionals and foster lifelong relationships among legal professionals from different specialties.


Having said that, AA members who are Barristers, Solicitors, in-house Legal Counsel, Government Counsel, Paralegals, Legal Officers, any other professionals related to the legal field, retired legal professionals and law students are all welcome to join the Legal Chapter.

Online application via

Sub-committee members:
- TSOI Annie Siu Ting (Class of 1988, Form 7) (Solicitor)
- LEE Janice (Class of 1988, Form 7) (Solicitor)
- CHANG Lai Shan, Eliza (Class of 1988, Form 7) (Solicitor)
- NG Charmaine (Class of 2000, Form 7) (Solicitor)
- TSUI Yeuk Ting, Maggie (class of 2001, Form 7) (Solicitor)
- LAM Candy (Class of 2001, Form 7) (Solicitor)
- CHEN Eutonia (Class of 2008, Form 7) (Solicitor)

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