Membership Sub-Committee


The Alumnae Association (SSGCAA) was established in 1926 and its objective is to promote fellowship among the members and closer relationship between the school and the Association, by means of social, educational, welfare and recreational activities.




  1. Past students who have studied in the school for not less than one academic year are eligible to become Life members.

  2. Teaching and office staff, past or present, who have worked for the school for more than 5 years, and upon invitation by the AA, are eligible to become Life Associate Members.  Life Associate members are entitled to all the benefits and privileges of the membership (save and except voting right).

  3. Students who are presently studying in Form Five and Six in the School automatically become student members.


Note: Membership application is subject to the approval of the Association Executive Committee.




As a Life member of the SSGCAA, you will enjoy the following benefits:


  • Receive a membership card and a badge of SSGCAA;

  • Receive regular newsletters from SSGCAA;

  • Have voting rights in SSGCAA;

  • Be invited to participate  in the events organized by SSGCAA and to join teams set up by SSGCAA such as Alumnae choir and orchestra;

  • Be informed of the major upcoming events at the school, and be invited to participate in these events;

  • Purchase SSGC AA products and SSGC Student Association products through SSGCAA;

  • Enjoy the privileges offered from merchants to SSGCAA members.




  1. $100 (For alumni who subscribe for life membership within one year after leaving SSGC.)

  2. $500 (For alumni who has left the school for more than one year.)

  3. Free for Life Associate Members and student members.


Membership committee


Please contact the following person at if you have any queries regarding membership.


KAN Yee Ling, Elaine (簡以靈) ’93 (Chairperson)

TSANG, Pui Man (曾佩雯) '83

WONG Ka Man, Carmen (黃嘉雯) '86

POON Wai Wan, Vivian (潘慧韞) ‘88

TANG Ying Tong, Terri (鄧燕棠) '92