For the past decades, the St. Stephen’s Girls’ College Alumni Association has been working so hard to connect our members through diversified activities.  The main role of the Fellowship Committee is to organize different kinds of activities for members to participate and keep in touch with each others.


Events like Homecoming , Annual Dinner, Spring Lunch, Past teachers’ lunch, have been a few recurrent activities which have been organized in an ongoing and recurrent manner.   They have been well received by members and will be continued to take place every year.


To serve our members better, on top of bringing in new elements to the recurrent activities, members of the Committee have been introducing different kinds of activities to draw members interests.  Activities like pizza making, cake baking, spending a morning with the children residing in the Po Leung Kuk home;  visit to the Day Care Centre for the elderly run by the Christian Family Service Organization in Sham Shui Po, a series of talks on parenting and child development, etc have been organized in the past.   


Understand there is high expectation of our old girls on us, we will continue to pull our heads together to upgrade our service.  Your input for our future direction is greatly appreciated and earnestly requested.